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At Blaine Labs, we recognize the pivotal role Physicians play in patient care. So, our aim is to contribute to your success by delivering exceptional treatment outcomes. But, our passion goes beyond formulating effective products – we’re on a mission to boost your practice revenue. In addition, we’re dedicated to carrying out rigorous research, development and manufacturing processes to produce products that are safe, effective, and reliable.


Dispense In-House & Get Paid Instantly!

Insurance can take days to weeks to process billing. Get paid within minutes when you dispense with Blaine Labs.


100% Patient-Direct, Money-Back Guarantee*

No risk for you and your practice as Blaine Labs will reimburse your patient directly if the product’s intended results are not delivered.


Enhance Patient Trust & Increase Revenue

Provide your patients the luxury and ease of receiving medication within seconds of their visit and your practice benefitting financially.


FDA-Licensed Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturer

We manufacture all Blaine Labs products in Santa Fe Springs, California.


Formulated Products for Pathologies Seen Daily

Our products target numerous pathologies for skin care, fungal care, wound care, and pain management.


USA-Based Facility

We develop, formulate, compound, and package all medications in-house in our FDA-licensed facility.


Fungal Care

Our antifungal topical products eliminate the fungus that causes fungal nails and tinea pedis. Ingredients include undecylenic acid, urea, miconazole nitrate, tolnaftate, and clotrimazole to target and kill fungal membranes.


Skin Care

Our skin care products are formulated to effectively target and treat a variety of skin conditions. Our topicals alleviate heel fissures, plantar and common warts, hypertrophic, hyperpigmented, and keloid scars, xerosis, and hyperhidrosis.


Wound Care

Our Revitaderm Wound Care Gel is a patented formula infused with transforming growth factor – beta, eggshell membrane, benzalkonium chloride, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen. Our Gel delivers collagen I – IV effective tissue regeneration.


Pain Relief

Our pain-relieving gels offer fast-acting, long-lasting relief from muscle and joint pain, strains and sprains, and arthritis aches. Its advanced formula containing menthol, camphor, CBD, and capsaicin penetrates deep to target pain at the source.


Diabetic Skin Care

Our diabetic skin care moisturizers deeply hydrate to address itching, cracking, and other common issues to meet the specific needs of diabetic skin. We offer diabetic patients the best relief and efficacy, providing targeted solutions for the unique skin challenges they face.


Private Labeling & Contract Manufacturing

Private labeling and contract manufacturing with Blaine Labs offers a limitless opportunity to increase revenue and enhance brand recognition by leveraging our expertise and established reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Kenneth L., MD | CA

Dispensing medication from my practice has been a game-changer, not just for my patients’ convenience but for my bottom line too. It’s like offering a one-stop-shop for their healthcare needs, which they love, and it’s been a real boost to my practice revenues. Plus, seeing their happy faces when they leave my office with everything they need feels pretty great too!” 

Donna C., DPM | OH

“Dispensing meds in our practice has been a total win-win. Not only do our patients get their medication on the spot, saving them time and hassle, but it’s also been a huge financial win for me and my team as well. It’s like adding an extra level to patient care, making everyone happy and keeping our practice’s bottom line healthy too!”

Patient: Nathan K. | FL

“I’ve tried virtually all nail fungus products out there, so after I’d given up finding anything effective, I went to a new podiatrist who dispensed Terpenicol to me. I was very skeptical at first thinking it was just another useless product. Both of my big toes had nail fungus which I’ve had for years, and they’d been getting extremely painful and sensitive. The slightest touch caused incredible pain. Much to my amazement, I began to see incredible relief after using the product for just 5 days. I can now put on socks, and wear shoes without pain. I even sleep better! Further, my old podiatrist who was the chief podiatrist at my local hospital had given me a prescription treatment that didn’t work as effectively, and efficiently as this. I’ll be using it from now on because there’s no better product out there. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Patient: Cynthia J. | TX

“Wow! After 4 years struggling with nail fungus issues, going to multiple appointments with 2 difference podiatrists, using many prescription medications, both topicals and a strong, potentially liver damaging oral, I started Terpenicol dispensed from my latest podiatrist. It’s amazing. After a little more than a week, I’m seeing the greatest improvement I’ve yet to experience. I’m astounded. Really. I’ll keep using it – very faithfully, following the directions – and for the first time, I feel that my toes will be healthy again. For me, it’s been a miracle worker.” 

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