Following its official debut, Blaine Labs® Diabetic Skin Care Cream has become highly recommended among diabetologists, podiatrists, and chiropractors. With key ingredients such as egg-shell membrane, oat flour, and urea, this cream is specially formulated to treat symptoms of Diabetic Xerosis and Dermopathy, making it the essential below-the-knee treatment for diabetics. Formulated and manufactured in Blaine Labs® own FDA-licensed facility, their Diabetic Skin Care Cream heals scaling, flaking skin caused by transepidermal water loss regularly associated with Xerosis.
The powerful formula focuses on preserving the protective skin barrier, offering patients a solution to pathologies that are often underdiagnosed and undertreated. Due to the long-lasting abilities of the egg-shell membrane, as little as one application a day will suffice, while the 8-ounce pump bottle allows patients to reap the benefits for a longer period of use. Physicians and patients alike, have already begun to praise the new product; as one physician stated:
“Blaine Labs® sent me complimentary bottles to try out. I applied it to 4 diabetic patients and each stated, ‘I need this, how much is it?’. Not kidding. I gave them each a bottle, ordered a bottle for each treatment room, and more bottles to dispense.” – Dr. Christopher M., DPM
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